Box Breathing


IOS app


Box breathing is a powerful technique to hack your brain, allowing you to take control of your body’s primeval, unconscious responses. Using audio prompts and gamification techniques, this app will
guide you through nine levels, which will result in:

  • Improved learning and skill development
  • Enhanced arousal response
  • Increased focus and attention
  • Reduced Stress
  • Increased Energy


View how Box Breathing App helps anyone to start, maintain and apply the valuable technique of diaphragmatic breathing.


Through custom UI/UX design and Xcode programming, Yanpix developed the full-featured Box Breathing mobile application to help people leverage the benefits of breathing and meditation through technology and the internet.

Benefits of trying Box Breathing

Increase Blood Flow
Increase Learning and Skill Development
Increase Focus and Attention
Increase Energy
Improve your Immune System
Clears the Mind
Enhanced Arousal Response
Reduces Anxiety
Decreases shallow breathing
Increase Awareness
Improves Discipline
Help regulate the nervous system
Reduces Stress
Calms Nerves
Improves Meditation

Project details

Tools and Technologies

Core Data, Cocoapods, Local Notifications, Social.framework, QuartzCore.framework


iOS developer, designer, Project Manager, Quality Assurance


5 weeks


Combination of SCRUM and KANBAN Agile methodologies