Dogways IOS app Description It's Your Dog's Social Network. Dogways makes pet parenting easier by creating local communities of dogs, their owners and services - all of the people that are part of raising your dog. Find nearby dog-friendly events or create your own. Share the way you raise you dog through their profile and [...]

Plant Eaters

Plant Eaters IOS app Description PlantEaters helps you find vegetarian meals at restaurants around you, regardless of whether or not the restaurant itself is vegetarian or vegan. This focus on meals, instead of restaurants, opens up a wide range of dining opportunities for vegetarians, vegans, or those just looking to enjoy a meatless meal. Know [...]

Box Breathing

Box Breathing IOS app Description Box breathing is a powerful technique to hack your brain, allowing you to take control of your body's primeval, unconscious responses. Using audio prompts and gamification techniques, this app will guide you through nine levels, which will result in: Improved learning and skill development Enhanced arousal response Increased focus and [...]

Sales Pipelines

Sales Pipeline Windows Application Description Sales Pipelines is a modern, comfortable, and effective tool for modeling and managing sales process. This tool will help you to forecast, control and analyze the main steps of the sales process. CHALLENGE The primarily task of the project was to design and implement a product aimed to help marketing [...]