Plant Eaters


IOS app


PlantEaters helps you find vegetarian meals at restaurants around you, regardless of whether or not the restaurant itself is vegetarian or vegan. This focus on meals, instead of restaurants, opens up a wide range of dining opportunities for vegetarians, vegans, or those just looking to enjoy a meatless meal.
Know about a great vegetarian meal at a local restaurant? Add it to PlantEaters so that your fellow vegetarians can enjoy it as well!

  • Bored by eating at the same few restaurants over and over again?
  • Tired of settling for the house salad?
  • Always feel like you’re being high-maintenance when dining with meat-eating friends?

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The goal of the project was to develop an app capable of allowing users to find vegetarian and vegan restaurants in their area, rate meals and share with friends.

  • Functionality based upon GPS to locate nearby vegetarian/vegan restaurants
  • Scrollable list of meals
  • Ability to rate existing meals and add new ones
  • Learn about great meals from friends and recommend favorites.


Through Objective-C and PHP programming Yanpix developed the mobile app to allow users locate vegetarian/vegan restaurants as well as rate meals and share opinions.

Project details

Tools and Technologies

iOS SDK, Objective-C, AFNetworking, SVProgressHUD, GoogleAnalytics-iOS-SDK, Facebook-iOS-SDK, TwitterKit, PHP/Yii, Amazon AWS, MySQL DB


iOS developer, PHP developer, Quality Assurance


16 weeks + ongoing support